Staying On Top Of ESG Goals During
Uncertain Times

9th January 2023

ESG Goals Elementaryb

As an SME Financial Director or CFO, how can you make more informed decisions when it comes to navigating the future with regards to sustainability, climate change and your ESG goals and practices?

ELEMENTARYb CEO Karen Rudich met with City AM’s Julia Streets to talk all about supporting the Small and Midsize Enterprise sector in unlocking economic growth whilst on a sustainable journey.

Bring Your ESG Targets Into Your Financial Planning

We have a great opportunity right now, against the backdrop of all this negativity, to look at how the right collaboration can help. We know that SMEs currently lack the tools, expertise, resources and time to be able to achieve their ESG goals while also being able to survive, navigate and plan their business.

Collaborate with a Partner to Access the Data You Need

However, collaborating with a partner who is able to facilitate this can allow SMEs to assess the impact of, for example, a change in sourcing raw materials or sourcing packaging closer to home.

The right partner can help run scenarios, compare and contrast, access expertise, and provide a deeper understanding that a change which in the short term looks like an increase in cost – for example switching to biodegradable packaging – may in the long term, when combined with the decrease in shipping costs, actually help an SME to achieve their net zero goals without added cost.

Leverage New Technology for Better Decisions

Technology helps bring the data together so that businesses can make a better, more informed decision. It helps us to understand the risk for the business and navigate the current economic turmoil, while still achieving environmental sustainability and meeting ESG goals.

Going back to the example of sourcing biodegradable packaging closer to home, it is about understanding the financial implication of this – and the opportunity.

SMEs Can Take The Lead

At ELEMENTARYb we feel that SMEs really need to take the lead in embracing technology that helps them to be more informed, to assess risk and streamline. We see this opportunity in artificial intelligence and machine learning driven technologies, as well as in technologies that impact manufacturing or look at new sustainable materials.

Technology that can actually help them to change the DNA of their business to achieve their ESG goals.

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ELEMENTARYb’s sherloc platform is the first real-time intelligent financial marketplace for SMEs disrupting the financial advisory and product sales markets. Initially empowering 5.5m ELEMENTARYb closed its pre-seed round in Q4 2022 at just over $600k and its Founder, Karen Rudich, is a third-time founder with two successful exits.

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