Becoming an Eb Collaborative Client

ELEMENTARYb is forging ahead with Sherloc – an ‘industry first’ that puts globalised companies like yours in total control of their financial futures.

Build your own future

Our platform Sherloc is entirely client-driven. We are working with a select group of SMEs from around the country and across various sectors to hone our offering. This is how we are making sure that we bring the very best value possible and deliver a tailor-made platform which optimises and supports accurate decision-making and helps maximise growth for every SME.

We are currently expanding our pool of collaboration clients. This provides a rare opportunity for you to join in the innovation, build the financial and business tool kit that you need exactly, shape what is emerging as an industry-defining platform, and gain a substantial competitive edge.

Never-before-seen functionality

Could you benefit from our intelligent platform?

We leverage the latest technology and integration to provide:

Aggregate information and analytics to help your forecasting and corporate planning in real-time

Business insights that help you easily identify the ‘unknowns’ that may hide in the complexity of your SME experience – (for example, could your payments be  consolidated by currency across legal entities?)

Product and non-product options that can be modelled using your company’s own data, to plan and understand the full impacts of potential decisions

Rapid ‘hassle free’ order fulfilment, direct to your dashboard

A built-in method to easily share all relevant data with your key advisers, helping them to help you more efficiently

All wrapped within one intuitive ecosystem.

“We have multiple providers in different regions.

If I want to see my cash flow in one place today, it’s impossible…The nirvana is moving from reactive, to proactive, to predictive and the Ebs Sherloc is predictive.”

– SME CFO (EY research participant)

Embrace the Sherloc competitive advantage

At Eb, our intimate understanding of your business’ needs guides our on-going development of the platform which not only meets, but exceeds your requirements. This gives us confidence in the benefits that we can offer to your organisation, providing you with a transformational tool to support you as you grow and thrive.

If your experiences have been anything like our own, and those we are hearing from SMEs across the United Kingdom, we know that Sherloc can help you mitigate risk, boost profitability, efficiency, resilience and sustainability, putting you firmly in control of your organisation’s financial future.

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How we will work with you

As our name suggests, the onboarding process and platform experience is intuitive and simple. As a collaborative client, onboarding is free and all Eb fees are waived for the first six months, with an introductory rate of only £10 for the next six months for your first year with Eb. Over the years, as your SME grows, we will continue to listen to your experiences to refine our systems and develop new functionalities to support your growth, as and when you need them.

At Eb we believe that your financial decision-making should be Elementary.
Now it can be.

Let’s talk!

Starting on the road to optimising control and unlocking efficiency and increasing profitability is just a click away.

If you would like more information about the Eb’s platform, Sherloc and to register to become a collaborative client, please enter your contact details below, to arrange a talk with an Eb Founder and receive an information pack.