Delivering a progressive platform on the foundation of a progressive ethos

Delivering innovation in a way that makes clients and associates alike proud to work with our organisation

Building for the future
and beyond

We cannot always know what is around the corner, but we can help our client’s prepare for it.

Our focus at Eb is to help businesses thrive in an ever changing world through the use of intelligent technology.

As we expand our offering, Eb will become the great facilitator of sound and robust financial decision making for UK companies of all sizes, putting more control in their hands, enabling them to weather external challenges, grow successfully and support their communities. Over the last year Covid has shown the need for closer, more immediate control over business operations and we are proud to be a part of the help that is on the horizon.

Eb is re-imagining the world of financial management services and what it means for an organisation to first and foremost place their client needs at the heart of everything they do. As our company grows and its talented teams expand, we want to ensure we collectively keep sight of why we started Eb, building on and perpetuating the enthusiasm started by the founders.


Transforming business financial management beyond the expected.


We strive to offer the most customer-focused, integrated financial risk management platform, empowering business ingenuity and resilience through innovation beyond financial management.

Doing the right things
for the right reasons

Starting from scratch was a real opportunity to decide what kind of organisation we want to be

We define our ethos using an integrated set of core values, each individually important, and yet collectively connected, bringing value to every aspect of our business, underscoring that bringing change to an industry is as much about how we do it. At Eb, we are proud to be a modern and progressive organisation.


Customer Fixation

Commitment to accessible, simple quality, building authentic connections through intuitive and transparent processes, empowering businesses, through;


Passion to embrace and drive change, evolving and striving for constant improvement and renewal, by;

Leadership & Integrity

Delivering our very best, holding ourselves accountable, being open, honest, ethical and genuine, encouraging;


Leveraging collective genius, healthy debate and co-creation, building a positive team and community spirit, on a foundation of; 

Diversity & Good Citizenship

Courage to shape a better future, supporting sustainability, leveraging the strengths of our collective differences;

These are the values upon which we stand and we believe provide the best opportunity for our company’s success.

Embracing sustainable development
for both Eb and our clients

Eb has embedded the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of our own internal operating framework and applies them in the services that Eb can offer to its clients via its platform

ELEMENTARYb is committed to sustainability, including by adopting sustainable, governance and environmental (ESG) measures, and continues to establish its operations to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

As we build on our initial offering and help our clients stride boldly into the future, our team will push innovation to help SMEs make better financial decisions, and build-in sustainability, compliance, and security, creating an ecosystem fit for both today and tomorrow. We will guide SMEs through regulatory challenges and protect them from the evolving dangers of financial crime, fraud and cyber threats. Eb, in time, will also offer insights to enhance each clients ability to meet their sustainability goals, helping them hold suppliers to regulatory KPIs and providing opportunities to leverage pooling within our Eb ecosystem. A bold vision, for a bright new future.

About the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

The UNSDGs were issued in 2015 as part of a holistic, integrated approach to achieve sustainable development for all. ELEMENTARYb supports the UN Sustainable Development goals indicated to the left.

ELEMENTARYb is also exploring how to support the SME sector in identifying its sustainability footprint and promote further innovation in this space.

Being the change
in the world that we want

Part of what we do here at Eb is about community engagement, and fostering an authentic relationship with our clients and their communities. 

It helps us remain nimble and hone our offering, ensuring that we can provide the most effective help possible. This stretches beyond extensive research and industry events, and the protections against things like financial crime and fraud that our Eb platform provides. It will include programs that pay things forward, so as we grow as a company, so will our commitment to broadening the positive effect we can have as an organisation.

Our passion and commitment to create something that helps our clients is not the only thing driving us to shake up the world of financial and business management.

We are doing this to have a positive impact on our community, society and  industry.

We believe in paying things forward because we’ve been lucky in our endeavours and want to support the next wave of innovators, leaders and talent.

Committed to those who serve and protect us, we will create roles for our veterans, military, and public service personnel.

We believe SMEs deserve better and the services, solutions, and operating model under which we operate are all wrapped around our passion to improve the status quo.