Understanding our clients needs is at the core of everything we do

Through exhaustive research, continual engagement with enterprises across the UK, and the experiences of our team of CFO advisors, Eb knows your story inside out.

Eb understands the challenges facing CFOs in the new digital economy

Picture you are a CEO or a CFO of a UK company turning over in the region of £10 – 100 million

Imagine being 100% confident that all the data from all your internal and external sources and partners is interconnected, harmonised and correct

And imagine being able to make robust decisions because all your banking and financial information comes together in a single feed, over a single platform, in a single view

And having analytics that will know what matters to you and proactively make recommendations suited to your best interests

Now imagine when the very latest fintech and regtech innovation and cyber protections can be integrated as needed and switched out as necessary

And a time when you can confidently predict, navigate and manage a sustainable future for your customers, your business and your employees

Up until today it was an impossibility. But you need imagine no more, as Eb and Sherloc can help to make it a reality!

The life and times of a CFO in a medium-sized entity

How data and knowledge are elementary, a modern fable

Meet Tom, the CFO of The Modern Coffee Company, a fictitious company in the UK with subsidiaries in Brazil and Singapore. You’ll get to follow his story as he works with his team to get through the challenges faced by their midsize enterprise operating in the globalised economy. Although Modern Coffee is purely a representation, their story is based on experiences that are very real. Real enough to apparently send some seasoned CFOs into ‘cold sweats’.