sherloc gives your company control of its financial future

Embrace your future with Sherloc

Eb presents a remarkable and unique opportunity to join the future of financial risk management.

Sherloc will empower your business ingenuity and resilience through our innovation beyond financial services.

At Eb we recognise our early adopters, and are offering them the first six months free and a discounted £10 per month for the remaining six months with your first year of Sherloc

  • All Your Data in One Place
  • Scenario Forecasting
  • Alerts to Unknowns
  • Insights to the Future
  • First 6 Months Free

Giving Eb clients control of their destiny

Eb’s Sherloc is a global tool

It builds in resilience as our business clients navigate their future, both domestically and internationally.

Enabling them to focus on the performance and health of their business proactively, facilitating best in class solutions, that they can scenario forecast before committing. Sherloc enables our clients and their advisors to know their financial outlook as well as we do. We give them control of their financial future.

Our features include:

  • Forecasting & Scenario Modelling
  • KPIs & Insights
  • Data Validation
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Multi-currency
  • Benchmarking*
  • Compare & Fulfil Products*

We help our clients to:

Save Time by Simplifying forecasting, planning & analysis, through accurate data.

Save Money by Connecting tools, providers and advisors for
real-time impact assessment

Make Business Easier by Alerting when activity or events create risks or issues

A customised experience for SMEs and Advisors of holistic data and contextual projections…

Sherloc essentially connects all the dots and players for businesses to help them operate successfully.

We start with financial information (accounting, banking, currency exchange rates, etc.) and help businesses plan (as that’s how we measure deviation), it is not an FP&A (financial planning & analysis) tool. We then add non-financial data that impacts those financial assumptions (e.g. warehousing space, size of transportation fleet, headcount by rank/location, shipping container sizes, etc.) and monitor economic events in real-time.

When those events or underlying activity (for example in their multiple bank accounts) cause a deviation from their plans, we notify them and help them manage the associated risk.

Fully integrated views across multiple locations, entities & jurisdictions
Data-driven to answer the ‘what if’s’
• Intelligence & threat modelling
• Root-cause insights to business problems
Short-term tactics / long-term options
Workflow & communications to engage teams
Eb advisors compliment SMEs own Accountant

• Greater transparency to funding options
Stress testing capabilities
Scenario modelling
• Exposure to enhanced market solutions

Sherloc is here to help your business survive today’s turmoil.
Click here to be an early adopter and help us design features for your business’ needs.