MMEs Access to Cash:
Growth in Times of Crisis and Beyond – Webinar

28 May 2020

Karen Rudich, Co-founder and CEO here at Eb, shares her thoughts in a fireside chat with Marie-Charlotte Johnstone-Rouzier, Head of Ecosystem Events at Innovate Finance for UK200Group, on how innovation in financial management will support MMEs and their trusted advisers in guaranteeing fairer and more efficient banking services.

MMEs in the UK are currently operating in a difficult environment.  There has been low-growth for years, the uncertainty caused by Brexit and political dynamics is still a real concern, and global factors such as climate change, shifting trade flows and now Covid-19 are clouding the outlook. And to compound their situation MMEs are underserved by the UK financial services industry – bankers, lawyers, accountants and tax advisors have all found the middle market difficult to service appropriately and profitably.

“Covid is unprecedented and resilient businesses
never would have known that they would have
to close though social distancing”

Uncertain times can also create real opportunities. And MMEs need solutions designed to help them take advantage of these opportunities by being more financially resilient, and support their continued sustainable growth. Focusing on mid-size businesses, Karen explores how leveraging data can support their entire ecosystem to foster growth and performance. And talks about how ELEMENTARYb we’ll give MMEs the capabilities and financial management tools they need using streamlined, aligned, high-performance technologies.

“An intelligence driven platform can gain access
to best in class products and solutions
and help trusted advisors in building support for their MME clients”

These tools will allow them to understand their businesses more clearly and the options available, highlighting both barriers and potholes to avoid. Working closely with their existing trusted advisors and our skilled team, MMEs will be able to make truly sustainable decisions using holistic forecasts, and their accountants and advisors be part of the leading edge of the growth process.

Karen goes on to say, that it’s Eb’s ambition to enable trusted advisers help their clients on a more strategic basis, and that where we see advisors playing a key role, continuing that sustainability for our mutual clients.

As Eb looks to the future, and access to capital and cash flow becomes ever more critical for British MMEs, optimising the financial management process, with data, innovation and customer focus, over an integrated financial platform will empower business ingenuity and resilience through the Covid challenges and beyond.