EIS investment opportunity!*

ELEMENTARYb (aka Eb) is empowering British SMEs. Our powerful data-driven, digital fintech platform is designed to help CEOs and CFOs drive their organisations through complex economic storms. 

Investment round closing soon!

If you would like more information regarding the Eb platform and the opportunity to invest, please enter your contact details to connect with an Eb Founder and receive an investment pack.

Please be advised that this opportunity is targeted at high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors (both self-certified in prescribed form).

*Capital at risk

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Our focus at ELEMENTARYb is to help businesses thrive in an ever changing world by providing powerful, intelligent technology.

Companies of all sizes need to predict and navigate an uncertain future pathway. World events change, logistics and supply chain inputs and outputs vary, costs fluctuate constantly and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Every CEO and CFO recognises that smart, digital tools with comprehensive data feeds and powerful visualisation tools can help them forecast, model and manage their businesses.

In short, we are designed to help businesses thrive, not simply survive. Eb’s powerful platform has been designed specifically with SMEs and mid-sized businesses in mind.  

Why? Because excel spreadsheets just can’t cut it. 

Our soon to launch platform “Sherloc” has already attracted a strong community of firms keen to put it through its paces and help us respond to their future requirements.

Using bespoke integrated software, our intelligent SaaS platform optimises and supports timely, accurate decision-making and helps businesses to identify opportunities and unlock their potential for growth.


Our software platform aggregates data using standard templates and integration technology to bring meaningful added value for you.


Eb sits on top of a company’s existing accounting record infrastructure (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite) as well as adhoc records (e.g. Excel).


Wide market data is combined with SME’s and mid-sized businesses’ own information to highlight appropriate financial products that match a client’s needs.

Smart & Contextual

Machine learning to provide insightful, real-time analysis and predictive tools. Historical
& forward-looking modelling of options are applied to SME and mid-sized businesses’ data.


Identified and tracked areas of concern allow clients to engage more quickly with their business advisors or ELEMENTARYb’s own dedicated service team.


Full cyber, fraud & AML* protection from a bank-grade platform.

Our Board

Karen Rudich

Karen has nearly 20 years’ experience in business. She is known for identifying opportunities to grow revenues and boost efficiencies, and has a successful track record in assembling effective teams and putting in place structures and systems to generate bottom-line P&L impact. She has led large-scale transformation programmes at UBS, BNP Paribas, Barclays and Lloyds. Most recently she was Founder/CEO of a challenger firm focusing on speedy P&L-driving transformations and technology integration for top-tier banks and cutting-edge FinTech firms. 

Robert Lewis MBE

Bob is a specialist in cyber security with over 23 years experience in the Military and Civil Police, and 13 years in the banking and private sectors. He delivered the first-ever banking forensics lab, now widely used in financial services, and has experience with collaborative initiatives involving law enforcement, intelligence agencies and regulators.

Mark Holleran

Mark built up extensive experience in both corporate finance and private practice at one of the world’s leading law firms for over ten years before establishing and chairing a listed public company investment bank. This has given him unique experience in micro and macro capitalised equity markets, flotations, fundraisings, transaction structuring and distressed business situations. Mark is a non-executive director of and commercial advisor to select growth companies, both public and private. Mark also has particular experience in dealing with successful applications for authorisation by regulatory authorities and the management of ongoing relationships with those bodies.

Gary Dolman

Gary is a PwC-qualified chartered accountant who has audited, consulted and worked for financial services firms since 1984 in London and Sydney. He Cofounded Monzo Bank Limited in 2015 and worked with the team to obtain a full banking licence and grow to over 2m customers and a market valuation of £2bn, where he performed the roles of CFO and Executive Director. Gary was also CFO and COO for ABN AMRO Global Transaction Banking, a business with a turnover of over €5bn.

Invest now!*

Our investment round is closing soon and interest from investors and prospects keen to use our platform is only intensifying.

Eb is poised to offer that rare, industry-changing opportunity – at the forefront, defining the new digital economy, with scalable answers to real-world challenges.

Eb is the right solution at the right time. You can make a major difference to UK business, as we navigate the dynamic economic pathway.

*Capital at risk

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Eb estimate based on various sources: Sweating the Small Stuff: the impact of the bureaucracy burden by SAGE & Plum Consulting, September 2017; SME FINANCE MONITOR Q4 2018 by BVA BDRC UK, Zeqr Report 2019; and UK SME International Payments Analysis by Money Mover