How can Fintechs Help MMEs Through
Times of Uncertainty? – Podcast

11 May 2020

Karen Rudich our own CEO, shares her views on what support MMEs need to grow and thrive. 

Medium and midsized Enterprises in the UK are the backbone of the British economy, and yet are overlooked by the financial services sector. Struggling to grow and being vulnerable to economic shifts, concerned about their sustainability & exposed to risks of financial crime, proved demanding challenges even before Covid.

With the advent of Covid, MMEs have found these struggles all the more acutely,

Karen has been a busy bee during the lockdown and taken time to contribute to the Future of Banking Week organised by Marcel Van Oost.  On this panel, Karen was paired up with Ray Brash, CEO of PPS; Fabrizio Zanollo, Customer Success Director & Head of International Payments at FORM3; and Andrew Garvey, CCO at Countingup. The panel was moderated by Kimberley Waldron, MD & Founder at SkyParlour.  

“MMEs deserve accurate data to help navigate
economic cycles and unforeseen events,
so that they can build resilience”

Looking at innovation in financial services and how players, incumbents and FinTechs, position themselves when it comes to supporting MMEs, Karen explores the gaps left and their dire consequences: lack of visibility and of transparency for MMEs but also for their providers, leading to delays and difficulty in accessing cash when needed. 

Particularly post COVID-19, MMEs must be confident in their resilience. They deserve comprehensive financial services to navigate economic cycles and unforeseen events, so that they can build resilience. Drawing from her experience, Karen envisions the future of financial management where tech and data are the key to unlocking the power of MMEs in the UK.

At Eb, our leadership is passionate about making a difference to MMEs and financial management, building resilience and sustainability, and Karen’s vision is the driving force behind our innovation for change.

Listen in to Karen’s vision of the future and why accurate data access is so important, on Episode One of podcast Future of Banking.