Celebrating & Living Diversity & Inclusion
– Happy International Women’s Day!

8 March 2021

At Eb, we would like to wish all our female team members, Happy International Women’s Day!

Talent comes in many forms and we need diversity and inclusion in order to create business models, products and services, and organisations that are fit for purpose and reflect the customer base they serve.

But more than that, varied life experiences bring an abundance of perspectives that help companies build strong dynamic teams that drive a culture receptive to fresh thinking and organisational innovation. It also ensures an organisation is more connected with broader communities at large.

From our perspective it is a must to have diversity at the table. It isn’t a nice to have, but a fundamental requirement. And when we talk about D&I we consider this right across the spectrum: gender, ethnic heritage, sexuality, gender identity, disability, faith, cognitive diversity, backgrounds and age, not to mention regional coverage and representation.

Living diversity and Inclusion, and weaving it into the fabric that makes up every part of our organisation, enables us to nurture a space where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to thrive and feel part of the Eb family. This way we eliminate any obstacles in ensuring that we attract the top talent and the most creative minds.

“Diversity is the mix –
Inclusion is getting the mix to work well together ”

That is why celebrating International Women’s Day and honouring the female members of our team is so important to us.

We believe that a big part of the strength of the Eb team is down to the fact that 67% of our Co-Founders are women with successful business exits, and 50% of the broader team, building the Eb platform, identity as women.

It goes without saying that women play many key and vital rolls at Eb, leading, mentoring, inspiring, influencing and building a future that will help midsized enterprise thrive. That is why we implement what we consider an obvious policy of equal compensation, so that we lead by example, and do our part to eliminate the wage gap.

“At Eb, we fundamentally believe that
empowering women is best for our business,
our communities, and the world at large.”

Beyond the realm of the Eb, our members are involved with organisations that promote equality for women. Our CPO Bev Brown in particular has taken on a role starting a Female Entrepreneurs Community with Women in Banking & Finance. She has also helped create and organise Trailblazers, a yearly women focussed event in partnership with the NSPCC/Childline, looking at mental health and challenges that women face in various industries like Sport & Finance

It is initiatives like these of lifting women up and living equality which exemplifies the values that Eb strive for, in helping to build the type of organisation we want to be.

An emphatic thank you from Eb to all the Women on the team, whom have been pivotal in shaping our amazing progress over the last year!