Data Solutions Architect

Eb Reflex – A flexible part-time remote position

We are building a go to market digital platform, with co-created products and services so that our MVP offering feels indispensable to our clients!

We are seeking a data guru with in-depth knowledge and a hands-on approach to data modelling and database design to help us solution the Eb platform.

Having depth of knowledge in established data management and reporting technologies such as columnar and NoSQL databases, predictive analytics, data visualization, machine learning, and unstructured data, you will be experienced in using these to guide us towards adoption.

Working with the business team, you will be responsible for mapping the systems and interfaces used to manage data, set standards for data management, analyse the current state and conceive the desired future state and the work needed to achieve and future goals.

At ELEMENTARYb we believe in balance for our team, and where we can, roles will fall within our Eb Reflex flexible remote working program which can be used to complement other roles outside our organisation. This role has an initial time commitment estimated at 8 – 16 hours per week for a 6-month period that can be performed outside traditional working hours, later evolving into a full-time position if preferred.

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