Compliance and Risk Management
in Banking and Fintech – Podcast

13 May 2020

Our very own CCO Denisse Rudich talks about her passion for AML / CFT compliance, working with an NGO, the role of the G7/G20 risk management in banking and FinTech and her vision for ELEMENTARYb.

Even before Covid, the challenges faced by MMEs on the regulatory and compliance front were significant. Firms spend US$270 billion on compliance annually. Meanwhile, current capabilities to fight financial crime and fraud are insufficient, leading to an estimated $2 trillion losses per year.

To add to the seriousness of the situation, the speed at which criminals are taking advantage of new technologies is daunting. Given the siloed legacy systems at most banks, the odds seem stacked against the industry. Governance is complicated; customer oversight and insight is truly challenging.

“A vision for the future,
where regulatory compliance
lies firmly at the heart
of everything we design”

With disjointed services accessed from multiple providers, MMEs find it difficult to get a true picture of their financial activities. Manual processes and reconciliations can open them up to financial crime and fraud.

That is what motivated Dennise to make a difference by co-founding ELEMENTARYb. With a vision for the future where regulatory compliance lies at the heart of everything designed and delivered. Our model will make clients aware of the regulations that may impact them as well as financial crime risks gleaned from their data.  Our technology will be built to protect our clients, achieving our ambition to keep them safe from the ever evolving risk of financial crime.

Our leadership is passionate about making a difference to MMEs and financial management, building resilience and sustainability, and Denisse’s vision is a big part of what we hope to achieve.

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