CFO/Finance Director
Collaboration Lead
– Position Filled

Eb Reflex – A flexible part-time remote position

We are undertaking a co-creation approach to the design of our platform and key to achieving our ambition are our clients!

The CFO/Finance Director Collaboration Lead will be an experienced CFO/Finance Director of a midsize enterprise (companies with £10-£100m of annual turnover) who understands the key challenges and relationships involved in the financial decision-making process and can combine their experience with an ability to help design a solution.  This member of our team will not only input into the design of our tool by helping to capture requirements/goals, but also lead our co-creation working group of peers who are passionate to help us design a solution that addresses their and their company’s evolving needs.  Tasks will range from inputs into models, insights (e.g. how do you as a CFO identify future capital requirements?) to preparing workshops and innovating.

This is a part-time role designed to be carried out remotely, although the team does hold regular ‘whiteboarding’ sessions in the park.

At ELEMENTARYb we believe in balance for our team, and where we can, roles will fall within our Eb Reflex flexible remote working program which can be used to complement other roles outside our organisation. This role has an initial time commitment estimated at 8 – 16 hours per week for a 6-month period that can be performed outside traditional working hours.

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